Bowling is just a sport.

A devastating combat sport? Operative word (combat).
It's a sport while rules apply. However in the street ask the guy on ground that just got smashed the same question.

Sport bowling is a sport, in fact an olympic sport. However, it is not "just" a sport and Dick Weber is undoubtedly spinning in his grave at the implication.
An individual that is proficient in bowling possesses deadly skills without question.

bowling is nothing more than a sport.. when you are in a tournament.
bowling is nothing more than a form of self-defence.. when you are in need.

bowling is nothing more than a way and philosophy of life.. for everybody who has dedicated themselves to it.

thats what bowling is. to me at least.

with apologies to Resnick.

It is bullshit!

What I meant is not that bowling is bullshit, but the concept of it only being a sport is bullshit.

Bowling IS a sport.

But so is boxing, Muay Thai, Catch-as-catch-can, Sambo, etc.

And I would NOT want to fight anyone who is really good in ANY of the above.


Oh judodork you are so cute!

bowling could have devestation effects on the field of battle.. i mean, imagine if the hulk was the fella with the bowling ball in his hands.. it'd be a lot like wathcing those scenes from the Partiot where cannonballs are tearing off people's legs.

though, in the hands of us meere mortals it is nothing more than a great sport and dedicate activity for people who like wearing slippery shones on polished wood. =)


The problem with bowling is when I'm in the street my bowling ball is either in my car or at my house--except for that one time when some asshole made that comment saying my shirt was ugly. I thought it was cool--all the patches and all. It was my brazilian jiu-jitsu bowling shirt. That sucker paid, God did he pay.

Bowling is an immensely popular form of athletic competition and personal defense. Hell, even the Pope wears a bowling shirt.

In fact gladitorial sports such as football often make reference to the physical prowess of bowlers, i.e. "he bowls over the defensive backs", etc. Hell, when ya knock all the pins down it is called a "strike".

Imagine what would have happened to Mel Gibson in Brave Heart if his friend would have not missed with the large rock. It probably would have crushed him like a bug. Much like a bowling ball...

It's not about the bowling, it's about the bowler.

Bowling combat is so far divorced from its battlefield roots (lawn bowling) that the originators of the Traditional Bowling Arts (TBAs) would hardly recognize it today. What with all those flashy loudmouths like Guppy Trout, those smooth shoes that open up all those footsweep opportunities, the low-calorie beers at the bar...

Then there are all those trying to cash in on the bowling craze. I went to a bowling alley the other day that had *candles* for lighting.

Dave C.

Will cross training in bowling mess up your judo? I'm pretty sure judo, in combination with leaving the midwest, has completely trashed my ability to bowl. Or am I just a victim of a loser's mentality?

What if I just drink beer instead?

who cares. lets fight.

Alright. I've got my size 5 blue Kusakura and a 16 pound Brunswick from K-mart.


"--It's more like a drug to me lol ---"
Amen. And withdrawal is a killer.

I just lie in bed thinking, "I could be working on my 2-4-5-6 bucket shot right now."

And then I see this baby, crawling across the ceiling, staring down at me...

You are obviously not a golfer.

Stop trolling, you golf jock rider!