Bowling is just a sport.

this is possibly the best spinn-off thread ive seen in the judo forum.


Ron, That video is rare and it definitely proves the effectiveness of bowling in a street situation!

The problem with bowling is that the modern sport is based on bowling balls that have holes drilled in them. This is great in competition as everyone has holes in their balls, but what about on the street? How are you gonna throw a ball that doesn't have any holes? Everyone knows that balls don't usually have holes in the street. Is it possible to use no-hole bowling grips in the street?

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....please, do not be fooled by those IMMITATIONS that say their bowling balls are the best.. use the one, the only one absolutely guaranteed to get the job done when you need it most.. the one brand that is used by more professional bowling artists than any other-- the USBR K10.. K for killer, 10 for the number of pins it shatters.

if it can do that to a pin.. imagine what it'll do to some poor sucker when you roll it at them from down the block and catch them before they can jump those 12 necessary inches.


the truth on the USBR olympic bowling trials...

the "north eastern camp" wants to cry over it being in Reno...get a city that supports real pro bowling and not just candlepin bowling in your area to exist and then it might happen.

Greatest video ever, next to "101 strikes and spares" from Fighting Films.

Bowling did not evolve from Lawn Bowling--it is a seperate art. It is a devestating effective art.

Luike(I respect all styles of bowling) Beston

You jerks have no idea what you're talking about. Bowling, as you call it, comes from Brazilian Bowling, BB for short. Lawn bowling sucks. Real fights don't start on the grass.

lmao at this thread.

It is my understanding that bowling originated from an obscure ryu in Africa prior to spreading to China.

"Real fights don't start on the grass."

This is correct. Most fights take place in dark alleys and gutters. This is where bowling excels.

you are all wrong!

bowling originated in ancient aztec times.. they would sit at the top of their stepped pyramids and, when the enemies came, launch their balls down at them. the effect of the stairs would make the balls unpredicatable and thusly turn them into dangerous foot crushers that can take your head off too. a poorly timed jump over the ball would result in castration as well.

reminds me of the only donkey kong video game when you had to jump over the barrels he threw.. only, this shit really hurt.


Josh may be on to something---afterall he's from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, the world capital of bowling
and something else---ummmmmm what was it now-----------------oh yeah CHEESE!

Don't be fooled with what is considered bowling here in the western haemisphere. The onle REAL(tm) bowling can be found in mountain villages in china, unreachable to most westerners. The legend goes that there was an ancient set of balls, passed from fathers to their sons for many generations. Male members of this extended family were refered to as "The-ones-who-possess-balls". Some of the movements of this ancient bowling style can still be found in contamporary Taichi and Qigong (a posture called "Hold a ball") but the real context has been largely lost.
In the beginning of the 19-th century a young and not particularly skilled member of the family named Long-Shlong emigrated to the United States and made a fortune from teaching a watered-down style of bowling to Americans. He also coined the term "balls" in the connotation of "got to have balls" etc.


By the way, we spell bowling "biouwling."

Pete "Royce" Weber


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