Boxer Oscar Diaz Collapses in Ring, in Bad Shape

He's got swelling and bleeding on the brain, he's unconscious and on a ventilator," Ron Katz of Star Boxing, Rodriguez's promoter, told

Katz said he had spoken to Donna Duva Brooks of Hall of Fame Promotions, which promotes Diaz. She was at the hospital with Diaz.

"She said the doctors are deciding whether to operate now or try to reduce the swelling first," Katz said. "It's not good. Obviously, he's in all of our prayers."

Yikes, hopefully everything turns out ok, but it doesn't sound good.

Damn....thats pretty scary...hope he comes out of this alright...

Hes pretty much done in boxing when he comes out of this alright huh?

 Ya it happened tonight on Wensday Night Fights.  Hope he pulls through.

He will be in our prayers...


Diaz critical after fight

Thursday, July 17 2008

Welterweight Oscar Diaz reportly is undergoing emergency surgery early Thursday morning for bleeding on the brain. The brave fighter, who has been in so many wars during his career, was rushed to University Hospital in San Antonio, a level one trauma center, after collapsing between rounds late in the fight against Delvin Rodriguez during a nationally-televised fight. We hope and pray for his recovery.


I watched the fight live. It was really strange to see what happened between rounds. It looked pretty bad then. Teddy and Joe were very somber. They knew it was serious, too.

I truly hope for he and his family that Diaz pulls through.

 man, that sucks. hope he pulls through.


It was scary, horrible, tense.

That one blurb has it wrong, he wasnt talking to his corner when he collapsed. He was on his feet being interviewed by the doctor. They replayed it and he was standing there, woozy, out of it, the doctor was trying to talk to him, and then Diaz turned away, cried out real weakly, his legs became jelly, and he collapsed into a lump.

Hope for the best.


Another example of why boxing is more dangerous than MMA.

Hope he recovers...

 Everybody knows boxing is dangerous. Let's not try to politicize a tragic event such as this.

TheDigitalRuler -  Everybody knows boxing is dangerous. Let's not try to politicize a tragic event such as this.


Only a real asshole would make a political push when this guy is on his possible deathbed.

Hope he pulls through.

I was watching that last night...he didnt look good...

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 The REAL cock-fighting sport.



SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AFP) — Welterweight Oscar Diaz, who collapsed during his bout with Delvin Rodriguez Wednesday, remained in critical condition Thursday after undergoing brain surgery overnight.

Doctors operated to relieve swelling and bleeding on Diaz's brain at San Antonio's University Medical Center.

In a bout for the US Boxing Association regional welterweight title, Diaz rose from his stool to begin the 11th round but wobbled and crashed to the canvas.

Referee Robert Gonzalez immediately called a halt, and medical personnel attended the 25-year-old fighter.

Diaz, a San Antonio native, was stretchered out of the ring and hospitalized.

"Oscar came through surgery well," Ron Katz of Rodriguez promoter Star Boxing told

"They had to remove the left side of his cranium in order to help the swelling go down, which apparently was very bad," Katz added. "He had a subdural hematoma, which was taken care of.

"During surgery, he apparently showed movement in his arms and his brain pressure was very good, according to the doctor."

Diaz was under heavy sedation following the operation, but was not in a medically induced coma, Katz said.

Prior to his collapse, Diaz - whose record fell to 26-3 as a result of the technical-knockout loss - had suffered considerable damage at the hands of Rodriguez. His right eye was nearly swollen shut.

However, the 28-year-old Rodriguez (23-2-1, 14 KOs) was more concerned about his opponent's well-being than his victory.

Any updates???

Last thing I saw as I was watching sportscenter before work this morning and I saw it scroll down on the bottom that he is in Critical Condition...So any improvement?

Last I heard he was still in critical condition after they had removed a part of his skull to allow the swelling in his brain to come down.

I hope he makes a full recovery.