Boxer Vernon Paris - Dayum, Dude's a survivor!!

Tonight Vernon Paris 28 - 1 was fighting Frankie Gomes 17 - 0 at Jr. Welterweight, and I was the only one in my pool to pick this guy. Why wouldn't I with a bio like this.........

'Vernon Paris fights with a bullet still lodged in his back, and one in his thigh, after having been shot three times on July 25, 2006 in a murder attempt. The third bullet struck him in the back of the head. [1] On May 4, 2008, less than two years after he was shot, Paris was stabbed seven times. A woman, who had come to his home with a man, plunged a knife into his back, his chest, his side and his abdomen. His lung and kidney was punctured and his liver sliced.'


This dude simply does not stay down!


The stabbing sounds worse. Think the major organs hit and infections. Phone Post 3.0

Just another young man growing up in Detroit. It builds character

Well........props to him for his survival skills, but it was a dumb pick! I just discovered that he was absolutely dominated by one of the most feared young prospects in the game in Gomez.

That's one badass mofo right there Phone Post 3.0