Boxers in MMA getting an easy pass

Not that these guys are in their primes anymore, but they were definetly high-level atheletes in their sport and are still very dangerous men.

Mercer is fighting Kimbo...Morrison is fighting a guy I never heard of and can't remember his name, who somebody on the board said is like 2-2 pro.

Now I know these guys haven't fought MMA, but indeed, even rusty they are a fighting why the blatantly easy matchups?

Kimbo couldn't outstrike offence to either men, but unless he's been wrestling for the past 3 years and nothing but, how on this earth does he think he has any chance standing against a guy likc Mercer?

Lesnar at least had to fight somebody with big-fight experience, even if he wasn't a stellar opponent. The guy at least could threaten a chance to win.

Why the easy pass for boxers? Give them a decent opponent...not the next champ or a number one contender, hell a guy like Fulton or Hoffman or Warpath woulda been a good opponent I think. I also think a guy like that would leap at the chance to fight Mercer or Morrison.

Kimbo better take this fight to the ground or it will be a heavy bag workout for Mercer.

Indeed... matching a standup street-brawler with basically no MMA experience vs a former top-ten hvywt boxer with basically no MMA experience isn't a good, close, or fair matchup.

"only in America"