Boxing a young mans game more so than MMA?

With the advancement of science:
PED's, better nutrition, equipment and living a healthier lifestyle at a younger age and keeping up with it has seen older fighters keep a longer career in both sports, but which sport has younger athletes in the top 25?
Just on stats alone and taking the top 25 fighters in the world per fightmatrix and Boxrec
*8 of the top 25 in the world are 29yrs and younger in mma
*12 of the top 25 in the world are 29yrs and younger in Boxing

It seems that in MMA you can fight at an older age and still stay competitive as opposed to its brother combat sport Boxing. 

I say that difference of 4 people doesnt prove much. I'm betting that you could do this every few years and the numbers would go back and forwarth and is this top 25 per weight class or how did they determine the top 25 Phone Post

 Far less likely to get punch drunk in MMA imo.

At least it's not muay thai - nobody wants to retire in their mid-20s.


I think the younger fighters are beginning to make a bigger push in mma. Plus, pro boxers are all fighting when theyre like right out of highschool right? A lot of mma guys didnt start fighting until later. If Hendo and Couture started when they were 20 they wouldnt be fighting into their 40's

Sport is still young, i would expect to see more Jones like fighters as the sport grows and fighter salary increases.

The more money in the sport the more chance of stealing talent that would have otherwise gone into other better paid sports.