Boxing and 'Self Defense'

I have some boxing experience but not much, and was wondering; how is straight boxing if you have to protect yourself? I've never been in a scrap since I started training. I am looking at some things to pass along to my kids and boxing is definitely top of my list right now. What are its strengths and weaknesses in a fight situation? What about teaching someone boxing and a little MMA (making the MMA boxing-heavy, basically)? I know the conditioning alone makes you a step ahead of a lot of people.

Stories of real fights where boxing is used are certainly welcome...


Learning how to take a punch is an important part of self defense.

Yeah no doubt. I have won fights with multiple opponents because of boxing exsperience.

Go ahead and share some stories!

If you don't freak out after getting hit and you actually know how to keep your hands up while snapping punches instead of arm punching with haymakers, you won't have a problem with 99% of possible streetfights.

The difference, and REASON, boxing is the best form of self-defense is because you actually FIGHT when you train. You hit and get hit. Compare this to practicing lethal death blows in slow-mo because they're 'too deadly' etc.

When you get to the stage where you can put another well trained, well conditioned boxer, whos expecting your punch, on his arse then flooring untrained people is pretty easy.

Yeah man I agree with that. The only fight I have been in since I started boxing felt like it was in slow mo.

When British legend Geoff Thompson was asked what was the best thing for self defence, his reply was "learn to hit fucking hard". Boxing gives you that better than anything.

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The danger to you when using boxing as self defense comes with the fact that a persons skull is fairly hard and you could hurt your hand. Of course, when this happens, usually the adrenaline rush is so strong that you don't feel it until later.

I think some people over-analyse what's good for self-defence. Basically any art/sport that emphasises full contact sparring will be of use. Sure there may be some gaps in boxing, and in the unlikely event you find yourself rolling around on the pavement with a wrestler then you may get tonked, but realistically you're more likely going to encounter some untrained aggressive little shit bag, in which case you would definitely have the edge.

As far as real stories go, I'm afraid I tend to avoid fights, but in the one proper one I've had in my adult life the ONLY thing I had in mind was punching the other lad hard in the face. Which I did. Repeatedly. At the time I probably 'could' have taken him down and arm-barred him, (ie I probably had the skill to) but once it kicked off I became somewhat focused on just the punching aspect. This is worth remembering - when the adrenaline is pumping simplicity wins the day IMO. Boxing pretty much fits the bill here. A good boxer is certainly the person I'd least like to have a fight with.

Couple of my personal street fight experiences. I was 18 boxing for about 2 years 5'9" 140lbs fought a much bigger guy about 6 feet 185 bodybuilder/steroid type guy. As we're squaring off he's laughing I'm gonna kick your ass you little shit,and I was very nervous at this point. Guy throws a haymaker I take a step back he misses I counter with a right cross left hook fights over he's KO'd.

Another story some years later fighting this guy he's playing the role of let me at him I'm crazy type routine his boys holding him back again much bigger than me. He comes running at me I mean a full sprint from about 15yds away I took one step back planted my back foot and came in with a left jab caught him right on the end of the punch. KO fights over.

KO with a jab? That's impressive.

I can see the KO with the jab simply because of the amount of complimentary force that the guy added by running at you.

Exactly he was running full speed and I caught him right on the chin. He wasn't out cold,but he went down and wasn't able to get back up.

I bet he felt like a douche.

Matt's story is not surprising. Most knockouts occur not just because the puncher throws a good punch, but also because the target walks right into it.

I bet the guy didn't feel like a douche because most tough guys like that are too stupid and arrogant to learn anything from the experience.

All of my fights ended with in grappling via CHOKE. However...I trained with a Mike Accosta( former Yamasaki Muy Thai instructor and blue belt BJJ guy ). He use to train with some of the Trident guys and was heavy into BOXING. Story 1: I saw him get into an altercation with sum1 much bigger. He jab the guy aiming for the CHIN...hit the guy in the neck...the guy dropped holding on to his throat. I thought he killed the guy.

Story 2: John Miller( trained in Catonsville boxing gym and Renzo blue belt from the Manhattan school ) got into a fight with a korean guy at Spy Nightclub in DC. The korean guy was being beligerent and drunk shoved John to the side. John stepped and said stop pushing...the korean guy pulled back and threw a haymaker punch...John covered up and absorb the punch and launched a barrage of 1-2 1-2 1-2...the korean guy dropped to 1 knee and passed out.

I've seen other fights that SEEM to involve boxers and can only describe it as ALA VITOR or ALA RIZZO. Some boxers are coming in full blast on their opponents while taller boxers seem to hook their opponent who were coming in with their haymakers. Neither had any damaged to their hands ala debunking a myth.