Boxing Books

Do boxers read?

I ask as there seems to be a huge lack of boxing books
on the market. Before someone says it...I know "Boxers
Box". However, there was, at one time, a good number
of books out there.

I have Dempsey's, Haislets, and the Navy Boxing Manual.
I was just wondering if any other old time books are
still available, or perhaps being re-published.

If nothing else, does anyone know where to buy some old
boxing books?

Thanks in advance,


PS Books don't hit back...

I've bought a book from, before. They have some pretty interesting things on the site.

where did you get the Navy boxing Manual at?

I know Rocky Marciano wrote a book, something along the lines of boxing and bodybuilding?

Eugene Saddow(sp) site has some books of old time trainers like Thomas Inch, more of strength training.

I know Ned Beaumount had a list of good books in his first book.

Theres the book the Dempsey wrote while he was in the navy, Get Tough.

Shit I forgot to ask were you looking for instructionals or like biographies?

Thanks for the replys. The site looks interesting.

I guess I should have been more specific. I'm looking for instructional books, new and old. Unfortunately, there aren't many good new books out there. I have most of them, in addition to the ones I already mentioned.

I have Dempsey's "Get Tough" as well. I found that that is more of a war time feel good book than anything else.

Also, for youngcorbett, I got the Navy book online. I ran a search on the complete name and found some used book site. I bought their only copy.