Boxing: Edwin Valero 20-0 - 20kos

20 wins all by KO, 18 of those KO's coming in the first round. He is now the WBA Super Featherweight Champion. Reminds me a bit of Benny the Jet looks wise, he fights out of Japan now too because he failed a brain exam in the US.

latest fight from Wednesday -


Failed a brain Exam? Never heard of that. Anyone know more?

He looks pretty tough. Although he is in the same weight class as the
"Pac Man." He would not stand a chance against Manny imo.

Valero vs Pac would be awesome while it lasted. 1 round maybe 2 at most lol.

" Valero seems tough... would have to see him in a war to see how much heart he has though."

He's been in a war actually. Look for his fight with Mosquera.

WTF, did someone forget to tell Arum that 2007 just started?