Boxing: Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter

Co-main Benavidez vs Anthony Dirrell on right now. 

Watch & Discuss...

1-0 Dirrell

Great fight so far.. Benavidez looks like he eats hard af! Dirrell moving well and boxing as he should be. This Benavidez guy is a KO machine.. 

I think Porter comes through with an upset

2-0 Dirrell via boxing. But Benavidez had that flurry in the corner. Benavidez needs to get busy. He can KO Dirrell.. 

Switching from Bellator when the main walks to the ring...appreciate the pbp 

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2-1 Dirrell. Doing much better than I expected. I thought he was going to be KO'd round 1. So far he's eaten the power pretty well. Nothing has really landed flush though, so who knows.. but so far Dirrell boxing well

3-1 Dirrell.. Announcer on the broadcast has it all Benavidez, but I disagree.. Dirrell is the Champ. You gotta beat the champ. So far the champ is dictating the pace of the fight. 

I ended up taking the under 11.5 at +180. I can see Spence getting a late stoppage. Hoping the mousasi machida fight ends before the main starts. I really want to see both fights. 

Dirrell has a nasty cut on his eyelid. They've brought in the doctor like 3 times already to check it. Dirrell being the champ he is keeps saying he's fine. They've thought about stopping it between every round..

Benavidez fighting dirty landing elbows.. Benavidez taking over. 

Fights over.. Benavidez by TKO. Dirrell's corner stopped the fight. Dirrell showed no wilt or quit. He was trying to win the whole time, but Benavidez had the momentum. 

Main event time! 

Errol Spence walking in...

Big E sighting!

Most shocking result would be Porter by KO. Most likely result is a back and forth fight till Spence hurts Porter and the ref waves off the fight.. 

wanderpage siljackson -

Big E sighting!

Yep.. he was on the mic announcing something earlier.

It's time!! Here we go... ding ding! Fights on

wanderpage siljackson -

Big E sighting!

Big E?

I gave round 1 to Porter