Boxing first for me

Been a boxing fan for about 20 years and this is the first time I've ever heard of anything like this.

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Six-Heads quits for toilet run!

"I just wanted to get out and go to the toilet," said former WBA welterweight champion Andrew "Six-Heads" Lewis after suddenly quiting midway through a bout he was winning on Saturday at the National Park in Georgetown, Guyana. Lewis was ahead on all three judges' cards when he shockingly surrendered 37 seconds into round seven against Denny Dalton. Lewis later revealed to Stabroek Sport, "I preferred to lose the fight than mess up myself in front of all those people. Everyone saw that I was beating the hell out of Dalton. I was trying to hold in this stuff but in the seventh round I couldn't no more so I decided to quit." Lewis attributed his troubles to a milkshake he drank that afternoon. The Guyana Boxing Board of Control has withheld Lewis' purse pending an investigation. He is facing a possible fine or suspension.

I read this entire thing wrong. Now that I see this, wow. I would have done the same thing. Nothing worse than possibly taking a shot in the gut and letting go.

love, Mingy & Gary

When you gotta go...

He couldn't wait till the end of the round???

pending an investigation.? someone get that poo and see what was in that milkshake

Andrew "The Real Doo Doo Man" Lewis, I remember when he got beat down by Mayorga!!!

lol @ pending an investigation.? someone get that poo and see what was in that milkshake

SwampRocker literally just put me on the floor, almost woke my daughter up. Her bedroom is right above my office and I just blew a gasket, funniest thing I read in a while.

2 minutes have gone by and I am still laughing

i've always wondered, when someone gets knocked out, do they ever lose control of their bowels?

I have to stop clicking on this thread or I am gonna piss in my pants


I can't imagine an opponent that would not be grateful that you did not crap on him. Or near him. Or an audience that feels the same.

lol. I feel bad for the guy. I mean this is a professional boxer who was a champion.

Feels guilty for posting it now

well I'm one of those guys that can only shit at home. I can't shit at an arena. therefore, even with the strongest urge, I would hold that shit in till the end of the night.

then again, we still need to know what was in that milkshake.

ttt for homeshitters

What if Lewis got a sponsorship with Xyience before this fight...

Maybe that answers the milkshake question!!!

I'd quit too. I mean, c'mon. Crapping yourself is enough to take your head out of the fight. Its gonna' get all over the ring... stop thinking about it*stop thinking about it*stop thinking about it*stop thinking about it*stop thinking about it

shits self, waiting for thread to end

lol @ shits self, waiting for thread to end

Swamp, you're not helping this thread end by making comments like that. I almost had water come out of my nose ya bastard.