Boxing for MMA

There is a thread questioning the value of boxing for MMA and I wanted to comment on it without getting involved in the litle war on that thread so I put it here.

Boxing is an excellant fighting skill. Yes there are examples in MMA of boxers not doing well (like in K-1, MMA, etc) but consider this:

Boxing is but one skill. K-1 or other fighting arts have a variety of skills the boxer doesn't have so yes a PURE boxer will have difficulty. However. IF that boxer crosstrained in other arts he would be able to at least learn how to defend those attacks which would enable him to get around those attacks and be able to move in and THEN use his boxing skills.

This is just like saying that a grappler generally has an advantadge over a boxer. Yes its true BUT it doesnt negate the effectiveness of lighting quick fists. If that boxer learned how to at least defend against a takedown, it would give him an opportunity to stay on his feet and use his boxing skills.

And label it as a "sport" or not, it is very good for the street-especially since most people on the street aren't tuned MMA fighters! All it takes often is one bodyshot to the ribs to drop someone in agonizing pain.

I don't think its necessary for some to be so insulting to boxing as occurred on the other thread.

Peace-Mike =)

I agree.Boxing is a great skill for MMA when combined with grappling skill. You need to train some Muy Thai or smth to get used to leg kicks though.

You should check the archived threads on the boxing forum for some good info on boxing in MMA.