boxing gloves

What do you guys think of these gloves.

Pro-Mex Professional Hook-and-Loop Training Gloves

TTT Come on guys help me out here. I sure most of you own a least 2 pairs of gloves.

what are you going to be using them for? just hitting the heavy bag, and mitts or are you going to be using them for sparring too? Personally I love reyes, but they can be hard on your buddies skin.

those gloves are not bad hitting the mitts and and sparrring. An often overlooked item is handwraps, I perfer the longer mexican ones, and make sure you either have someone show you how to wrap your hands, or read a book or something on it, because proper hand wrapping is a helluva lot more important than your gloves.

With boxing gloves you get what you pay for. I've never bought a cheap glove that outperformed a more expensive one.

Would this be considered a cheap glove? I understand you get whay you pay for but these are not cheep in my opinion. Please advise.

Okay, if a glove costs more than another glove it is better. You get what you pay for.

The problem is the grant and Reyes do not have the velcro closure. I have to be able to put the gloves on myself so I need this feature. Back to my original question. Are these good gloves. Thanks