Boxing HW belts question??

So, not too sure of boxing rules can someone clear this question up please. 


So Ruiz has AJ's belts and winder has the other belt. Say ruiz fights wilder and loses. Wilder has all the belts?? So then if he then fights and loses to fury, will fury have all the belts? Will every title fight from then on be for all the belts? Or if not how will they be split up again??


Also out of them all, what's the most prestigious?


thank you

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The belts are worth more than the sum of their parts when someone has all of them

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The most prestigious is whichever one the lineal champ doesn't have, because that'll be the guy busting cans and getting a huge marketing push (Anthony Joshua).

As far as getting them all, it’s kindof like Pokémon. There’s always another one some lazy animator made for you to get next even though you have the important one from a decade ago already. So even if Ruiz beat Wilder and Fury, some other bullshit belt would appear on Francis Ngannou in some other continent that he’d have to go get even though there’s no real point. Does that make sense?

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The lineal is the most prestigious for a fighters legacy imo. But I guess the most prestigious is whichever belt is held by the biggest draw. 

If Wilder and Ruiz fought then the winner would technically be the first "undisputed champ" in 20 years since they would hold all the letter belts but technically they wouldn't be undisputed since Fury is still the lineal champ. 

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Oh, and if someone did become undisputed champ then they would likely be stripped of one of their belts very quickly due to the corrupt system of boxing. Each boxing organization would want their letter belt defended against their belts number 1 contender within a set amount of time so they could make cash and if the champ couldn't defend on time then they'd be stripped like when Fury was stripped of the IBF belt after his fight against Klitschko because he had to take the rematch clause rather than defend against the IBFs number 1 contender within their timeframe.

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Whatever titles a person holds, they are all on the line (unless something happens like missing weight, or a fighter doesn't pay fees to the relevant boxing body).

Ruiz is the WBA, WBO and IBF champion.

Wilder is the WBC champion.

If Wilder beats Ruiz, he will hold all the titles. But holding multiple titles is a huge pain in the ass for some bosers. To hold the titles, you have to defeat mandatory challengers. Many of them could be nobodies that will draw no money.

A high number of title losses don’t actually occur in the ring, they occur outside the ring.

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IBF, WBO, WBA and WBC are the big four. They are all considered true world titles. Problem is when you hold all they each have different mandatory challengers. These mandatory challengers are typically not a draw. People often lose belts without actually losing in the ring. The lineal champ, which actually has no belt, is what most fans truly care about.... the man who beat the man. BUT, it is also a huge accomplishment to unify all the titles. Some have unified all and been lineal champ, Klitschko unified all except WBC. Also, the Ring title has been considered a world title recently, it used to be linked with lineal but now it is on its own. 

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Cheers guys. Makes sense now. Did not know they can just strip you of one. 



BJTT-BigDaddy - The most prestigious is whichever one the lineal champ doesn't have, because that'll be the guy busting cans and getting a huge marketing push (Anthony Joshua).

Joshua held 3 of the big 4 belts, beating no1 ranked Wlad for the WBO title and no3 ranked Parker for the WBA title. Meanwhile Wilder won the WBC off Bermain Stiverne and then proceeded to go 3 years and 6 fights without defending it against a top 10 ranked opponent. He only currently holds onto it due to being awarded a draw in a fight he lost 9-10 rounds of.  

This is a very interesting thread. I have seen many posters bring up that the mandatory challenger is often not a big draw. I have also noticed that in the past year. So how is the mandatory challenger selected?