Boxing in a "pit" .... What do you think?

It's still boxing. Makes easier to see I guess Phone Post 3.0

Is that the yama pit?

Definitely changes the dynamics of the fight. No cutting the angles off, etc.

Binkow is a longtime Golden Boy Promotions executive, and he was initially "skeptical" about BKB.

"It seemed to me to be contrived and maybe a little bit pointless," he said. "What do we need something else for when we've got boxing?"

He changed his mind when he saw something unique to sell to fans. He envisions a niche between boxing, which isn't nearly as dead as its detractors constantly claim, and the UFC's expanded schedule of shows topping the crowded mixed martial arts scene.

But BKB needs attention first, and its promotional tactics nearly fetishize knockouts, a curious stance at a time when brain injuries in sports have never been more scrutinized. When the promotion debuted last year with two events in New Hampshire, it was still known as Bare Knuckle Boxing, and the fighters initially wore MMA-style gloves with the knuckles exposed.

The promotion has switched to traditional boxing gloves for its Nevada debut, and Binkow claims BKB isn't all that different from regular boxing from a medical standpoint.

"It's certainly no more dangerous than boxing, but also the rounds are shorter and the fights are shorter," Binkow said. "I think the cumulative effect of that will minimize (injuries)."

BKB has no firm plans beyond Saturday, but Binkow hopes to put on another show this year. Binkow also would love to sign MMA fighters who could test their standup skills against boxers in the Pit, creating an always-tantalizing crossover event.

Not good for the longevity of your career that is for sure.

Boxing in a ring works fine for me.