Boxing in Kansas City

I've never done any boxing before (only BJJ), but now I want to start developing some striking skills to become a little more well rounded. Boxing seems like the best bet for developing solid striking skills...and it looks like a whole lot of fun. Does anybody know where in Kansas City is a good place to learn boxing?

Contact the local Golden Gloves for a list of gymns.

Tomahawk Boxing Club
(John Brown of Ringside's old place)


Bell Recreation Center

used to be good but that was many moons ago.

Bell is now closed...

Man I had so many fights in that ratty little Gym.

I remember the nasty poster of a cancerous lung that they had up and you had to stare at when you weighed in.

One of the best KC fights that never happened was Roy Green Jr (The son of the head coach at Bell) vs Tony Chiaverini.

Too dangerous for both sides to ever put their position on the line. It's too bad.

Now I definitely feel old.

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to get in contact with the local Golden Gloves to find a gym.

Damn, Bell actually had a really good program at one time. Back in the day, Bell and East Kansas Athletics had the two best boxing programs in the area. I still remember a fighter by the name of Harold Roberts who had all of the potential in the world who boxed out of the Bell program.