Boxing Instructionals

I finally broke down and bought 2 of the boxing DVDs (#3 and #4) in the series by McCann (sold by Hockheim). I really like them: tons of no-nonsense info. McCann doesn't pretend to be Ali, but he certainly seems to know his stuff. #3 is primarily on training combinations with focus mitts. He must provide over 70 different, functional combo's, and none of them include goofy stuff ("5 jabs to head, then a spinning backfist, followed by 6 uppercuts"). There's other stuff on the tape like working heavy bag and the "paddycake drill", but the combo's are the meat of the DVD, are there is lots of meat! I haven't watched all of #4 yet, but already it's got practical tips on defensive techniques and the guts of the DVD is working defensive counters/combo's off your opponents focus mitt attacks. As w/#3, no fluff, no needless repetition, good quality visuals, etc. I'm impressed and glad I got em. PS I have no financial connection/ties to McCann or the company that released the DVDs; just think they're good.


"All you need is 10 shot!"

2 punch

2 knee

2 elbow

2 kick

"10 Shot!"

"10 shot" or similar concept, yes, less is more in most cases

(I prefer 4 punches, one elbow and would ask what you mean by "2 kicks".... round kick is one kic, but so many variations)

Guess you didn't notice it was only 8 shots. :)

I get hit in the head a lot

let's see 2 plus 2 iz....

hey, wait, that isn't 10 shots!


For what it's worth, I think the DVD provides 70 different combo's to inject some variety in training.
Each individual combination is typically "just" 3 punches......not quite an exact fit for your 8-10 count, but pretty close.

Ryukyu has knocked the correct!

"Man... I knock him!"