boxing IS a joke!

I hope that thread gets TTT'd a few more times. I realize now that EVILYOSHIDA has out-debated me and thereby proved that boxing is worthless and that I am a pussy. Please TTT the thread because this is a list of a few fighters who are wasting their time on that joke that is called boxing:

Randy Coture
Tito Ortiz
Dan Henderson
Quinton Jackson
Cro Cop
Igor Vovchachin
Vitor Belfort
Mario Sperry
Frank Shamrock
Pat Millitech
Nathan Marquardt
Tim Syvia
Guy Mezger
Matt Hughes
Jermey Horn
Matt Linland
Chris Lytle
Jens Pulver
Mark Coleman
Wes Simms
Kevin Randleman
Ken Shamrock
Tre Tellegman
Duane Ludwig

I don't know of any of these guys training in judo. I think Yuki Kondo trains or trained in judo and obviously Yoshida does. I think Royce said he trained Judo as a child and Fedor might have done some judo but I'm not sure. Don't you dumbasses know what you are doing? Most of those guys train in BJJ also and according to EVILYOSHIDA Rickson, arguably the most givted BJJ ever would have "no chance" against a guy who he terms "the greatest judo player". Man, what are these guys thinking!