Boxing near Joplin, MO

Does anyone know of any places to train in Joplin, MO or around there?
Boxing or BJJ?

What the fuck are you doing in Joplin?

Lose a bet?

I go to school in Pittsburg, Kansas. Its the nearest city I thought would
have anything. Anyone?


The options are (or atleast were) very fucking slim. I went to school at PSU as well and I use to (5 years ago) work out with an ex boxer by the name of Ira Spounsel in Pittsburg and travel to Joplin a few times a month to work out at a gym there.

I cant recall the name of the guy who ran the gym in Joplin, but you might contact ringside products in Kansas City and ask them for information on local gyms or try to get in contact with Linsey Laine in Carthage, Missouri.