Boxing Odds Week May 13th

A few interesting TV bouts this week.  here's the openers on the ESPN and HBO Card.

10th May, 2006-Foxwoods Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut 
Joe Spina  -125
Jesse Brinkley  
 11.5 o -120

The dog has been geting some early money.......

10th May, 2006-Foxwoods Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut
Matt Godfrey   -250
Shauna George

All favorite money here............

13th May, 2006- Fleet Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Valdemir Pereira   -620
Eric Aiken
~ IBF Featherweight Title ~

All favorite money here & under money.

and this is the current # on Hatton vs Collazo:

Ricky Hatton vs Luis Collazo: WBA Welterweight Title

Sat 5/13 Ricky Hatton vs Luis Collazo
07:00 PM 231 Ricky Hatton -416
  232 Luis Collazo +376
Sat 5/13 Total Rounds (Hatton vs Collazo)
07:00 PM 233 Over 11.5 rounds +109
  234 Under 11.5 rounds -119


Are there any lines coming out on Friday ESPN Edner Cherry vs. Monty Meza Clay?

Thanks Joey. If the lines improve on Hatton may be tempted

I just saw a number on Clay vs Cherry. It was -750/+450 favoring Cherry. Can anybody tell me anything about Clay because his record indicates he has never stepped up before and Cherry is no easy task for anybody. Is his team just getting him an espn shot with a decent payday or does he really have a chance? JK

Where did you see this line?



What a bomb Godfrey landed. That was one of the few gifts on the lines that Joey dishes out.

They came back late on Spina.  I layed -105 on him after it got bet down.  It ended up closing higher than the opener. Would be interesting 2 see what the scorecards were.  If it was  10 rd bout, Brinkley looked like a winner.............but I'd love to see the cards after 10 anyways.

I originally opened the Cherry bout -480/+400....but I pulled it offline.  I started thinking thinking it was too high after talking to a couple contacts. This bout scares me bc the dog is relatively  unknown , but trains with really talented guys.  I will likely reopen it 2mmrow. I Dont think I will be as high as -480 though.

The announcers said the cards showed Brinkly ahead when the fight stopped. That was a pretty decent fight. I was not that impressed with Spina, as I put him on my bet against list, but he got the job done with tenacity.

Also, on that Cherry fight, it may be extremely difficult for Clay to get a decision from that FL Boxing Commission. Remember that judgement on Brown-Bell? That was the worst dec I saw all last year.

Broke even on Wed. stuff. Didn't even bother to watch. I am playing 2 units on Clay blind because I feel like a gamble. I mean why would Clay's people put him in there if he couldn't fight a step up. Cherry has shown that he becomes one-dimensional if he can't bomb a guy out and has been outboxed before so I'll take the chance. It seems stupid to bet fight when you only have data on one fighter but I've been playing too safe this week so I'm up for it. I agree that Pereira and Beyer as well is where the favorite money should go as they are the safer favs. Caught a glimpse of Bika and the guy is average with decent power but lame footwork; Beyer is average power with decent footwork. If I had a decent bankroll I would bet Beyer to steal some units.JK

Cherry certainly owned Monte Meza Clay. That was a very impressive performance. I had a feeling Cherry was going to have a good fight, but that line was way too long to lay. I had heard really good things about Clay, but the reach was too much to overcome. Cherry utilized it extremely well. It turns out, Joey had nothing to worry about with his opening line.

I?m pretty sure Spina landed more elbows, shoulders and headbutts than he did punches through the first 6 rounds. He was down 93-97 on two of the judge's cards and 94-96 on the other one when the fight was stopped.