Boxing pay scale

I was wondering about the pay scales for the various
levels of boxing success. What would somebody main
eventing a ppv earn? The undercard? A HBO or Showtime
card? Friday Night Fights? An untelevised event in
the local armorey?

it depends on who, hbo pays better then showtime, hbo can be multimillion i think

These are general undercard amounts

local... usually a hundred times rounds scheduled(4 round fight=$400, 6 round = $600, etc...)

Friday Night Fights... like $2500.00 to 5000.00

HBO after dark... like $20000.00-40000.00

The main on PPV... varies

all vary of course, due to travel, wether you're the opponent, etc...

HBO and Showtime house fighters, ala Lewis, Jones, De La Hoya, Mayweather, Mosely, Forrest, etc make a set amount almost all fights. Jones makes $6 million a fight, Oscar probably a bit more, Mayweather probably a bit less. PPV varies according to buys but is usually where the big money is made.

Boxing After Dark probably has a budget of about $1 million a show, Showtime about the same, Friday Night Fights about $50 000 for their cards, Fox probably has about the same.

Thanks for the info. What about winners purses, are
they negotiated per fight

a little note here, The manager for Carl Daniels, had a handshake agreement with Don King, that his fighter would get paid $800,000 when fight time came and passed, they only got around $120,000. Larry Merchant said it best

"In boxing, a handshake agreement, isn't worth the paper its printed on."

He was lucky to get 120g. I don't remember the exact amount, but my business law book said for a verbal contract that is done verbally the amount of money at stake has to be less than like 2000 dollars, it might have even been 500 dollars, regardless for any agreement worth very much money at all it has to be down on paper to be worth a shit.

If I was Daniels, I would whoop my managers ass.