Boxing PRO?

I know in Iowa that it is $35 to buy a card for amateurs, but how much does it cost to turn PRO? I have heard many different versions. One version that I heard was that it is $1500 for a license. Is this true?

Thanks for any help that you can provide! :)

$50 in Texas

Each state is different. Also, can be based on age. May, in some states, have to get a neurological workup if over 35 before the boxing commission will grant a license. That's about $1500 if you don't have insurance. Arkansas licenses used to be $20/yr.

"No wonder you don't here of too many pro boxers from Iowa."

LOL! Yeah, but remember that I could be totally incorrect also! :) lol

It's 50 bucks in Iowa and the promoter usually pays for it.That's the way it worked when I boxed Fulton

My physical was about $200 and I have payed licensing fees that range from $20-60. I currently am licensed in Oh, Pa, Mi. The same goes for MMA in states that are sanctioned and I have liceses in Tx and Fl. Oh, and a federal Id will cost you $25 or 35 if I remember right.

Thanks guys!

I guess that I was WAY off! But, that is also a good thing to know!

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