Boxing-RIP- Mike Dokes dead

 RIp Dynamite Michael Dokes! Thanks for the memories. Even though when I think of the guy , I always see the Ruddock loss. But he was one tough dude.

Sad to report that former WBA world heavyweight boxing champion Michael “Dynamite” Dokes has passed away from liver cancer on Friday at the age of 54 in Akron, Ohio. Dokes was 53-6-2 with 34 KOs and last fought in 1997. He won the WBA championship by defeating Michael Weaver in 1982. Arrangements are being handled by the Rhoden Memorial Home, 1101 Palmetto Avenue, Akron, Ohio (330-724-1201)


The only bet I made in my life was for $5 on Gerry Cotze to beat Michael Dokes. I was just a boy & was always proud of quitting while I was ahead. That memory is meant to mean something different now that I am a man with a boy of my own. May I find the wisdom to figure out exactly what.

Rest In Peace, Michael Marshall Dokes

RIP. Tough dude.

I would have been carried out on a stretcher and not left the hospital for 6 weeks after this: