Boxing: Samuel Peter KO gif


EDIT vid clip -

Listen to the sound of that punch, like an axe chopping a tree.

The guy was out for over 5 mins.

oh shit that was rough

damn, he got Matua'd

It's funny 'cause it's true.


After the second punch missed, Williams completely let his guard down as he was moving to the outside. He thought the other dude would be back up too. What an embarrassing way to lose, especially for a guy who's been fighting pro for as long as Williams has.

out cold

Thats what he gets for dropping his hands and forgetting hes still in a fight, just because he got under a punch. He should have alreay been 3 steps back or firing his own hook when his opponent turned

Williams went to my high school in Iowa before he moved to Long Beach. He was doing alright in the pro's a while ago but has not been the greatest lately

Yep Jeremy "Half-Man Half-Amazing" Williams.

dayum.  That's a hard shot.

Good morning sunshine.
birds singing in the backround

Williams was literally out cold for several minutes, definitely the scariest KO I've seen in years!


Here is the video of the KO


What are the effects on the brain when you're out cold for several minutes??

ttt for a brutal ko