Boxing & the brain (again)

There have been a few posts recently about the risks of boxing and the brain, and I thought I'd offer my thoughts on how to minimise the risk.
I'm really looking at it as a white collar guy who spars not a competitor, so I appreciate my thoughts don't apply to everyone – however if we want to keep boxing away from the legislators, and keep our own health going, a bit of prevention is the key.

I'd be interested in any ideas you guys may have, either other approaches or comments

Physical –
Good neck muscles – less rotation of head when hit, so less damage to brain

Good abs – if you can take shots more comfortably to the body you are less likely to leave your head open
Good general conditioning - less fatigued, means better evasion & defence. Consider sparring straight after warm up, when you are fresh, rather than after bagwork

Nutritional –
Stay hydrated - fluid round the brain is its protection. Plus it helps reduce fatigue. Don't cut too much water weight

Antioxidants – I have read of some oxidative damage as part of reduction in brain function. Can't hurt & probably good idea with intense exercise anyway

Equipment –
Mouthguard – ideally a shock absorbing one like a WIPPS

Headguard – moot point, but some now appear to be shock absorbing (like the Topten one used in the Olympics, which is supposed to reduce knockouts – anyone out there used one?). I have little experience with them, but if there are makes that really absorb shock, that's good

Technical –
Style – again, a tricky one, but if keeping the head intact is important to you, try not to sit there and trade bombs

Exposure – the number of rounds you spar is the key factor concerning extent of brain damage in all studies I've seen. So fewer rounds should be better, and make up the difference with good focus pad work

Intensity – gym wars are fun, but soooo unproductive. Every round you spar should have a purpose, and whilst just going out & scrapping is important on occasion, just to prove you can, you'll develop more working under a little, but not too much pressure. Work with someone who'll push you but won't make you too busy/scared/tired to try a new move. Then you'll have a new trick next time you want to knock chunks outta someone

ttt good post

Whitewhale bro i been meaning to say it'd be kewl to meet u, where u train at?

Excellent point about the Gym Wars from my perspective as well. Well stated. Technique refinement, with occasional "acid testing" to validate the results...