Boxing to Kickboxing transition?

I was wondering what habits does a boxer looking to
transition to kickboxing, and vice versa, need to
change? What habits built up over the years are
beneficial, and which ones will get him into trouble?

Forget the ducking to low, don't bend at the waist when going under hooks now bend at the knees and be more upright!!!

ttt for stinl

I've done a good bit of both. I find that boxers have a terrible time learning to defend leg kicks. They also tend to get caught with high kicks from time to time. The ones I've trained with adjusted well to defending their bodies.

Kickboxers don't sit down on their punches very well (partly due to being use to worrying about leg kicks). They also tend to either have too wide a stance or too squared a stance depending on their background (MT to squared for instance).

I once blocked an uppercut by raising a a boxing match! ;) You will do what you practice.

But the boxers i have seen also have a good time with the jab against most thai fighters as they normally stand more front on and with their hands held wide on each side of their heads!!! Also if your a boxer try to keep in boxing range and don't step back to have a rest as then you fall into kicking range!!!