Boxing=toughest sport in the world

According to ESPN:

Boxing's Knockout Punch</>

I would not argue with that. That includes MMA & K-1/kickboxing/mauy thai IMO.

I'm not sure boxing is more intense than full MT minute for minute, but I've never really done real MT and I am a n00b at boxing.

pro boxing does have way more ring time in a fight than MT, though.

it seems like MMA and wrestling are primarily body bangers, you end up with a series of body injuries that can be hard to shake.

Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA are all brutally tough, but pugilists get punched in the head more frequently.

If you don't think boxing is physically draining, you haven't been in the ring with an outstanding pressure fighter.

Yeah, I'd go with boxing and muay thai. Just because of the punishment you're taking.

MMA can be brutal at times too, but there are also a lot of lulls in the action.

Wrestling should also probably be up there.

Been sparring with some guys lately who come from primarily a wrestling background. They are among the strongest and best conditoned people I've ever seen.

(But as tough and dominant as they can be, it's funny how poorly they react to chin-checks, body shots and leg kicks.)

in boxing your always on your time for rest. MMA your on your a resting position. Not that your 'always' resting but there are
key moments. Never trained Muay Thai...but those dudes look ripped.

I've done both, I'd say Boxing is tougher than Muay Thai, but I also use the clinch a lot.

To me, in MT if you are being beat by a better kicker or puncher, you can clinch and work there, or vice versa. On the surface, you don't have as many options in Boxing, thats what makes it tough.


I can't get the link to work.

At least in boxing you can move your feet around the ring when someone attacks you, in Thailand that is frowned upon by the judges in Muay Thai and subsequently it is most other countries.

If you know what you're doing and can defend yourself you can leave any boxing match relatively unscathed.

Not to many Thai Boxers fight for ten or 12 rounds nor do they fight on the level of that of Boxing.

Most MT fights even with less rounds don't have the 'punch stat' numbers to that of most average boxing matches.

Boxing is a more refined sport than that of MT. MT is alot more attritional, and wears away at a fighter. Boxer has alot more 'science' in the sense that it is just as much defence as it is offence. MT is a block and check heavy sport, where as boxing is about slipping, bobbing, weaving and so on.

This is physical and hard to attain.

Horses fot Courses, but you pay the money and you get the elitness that you find in boxing.

MT hasn't the amateur roots that boxing ie Golden Gloves, Olympics. This is a huge factor, that is what affects the over all skill level of up and coming fighters.

You could argue that MMA is harder, as you have to train all aspects of the game. Essentially Boxing, MT, Wrestling and grappling are refined components or specialist aspects to MMA.

If MMA had an amateur network and the grass roots that say boxing or wrestling has I am sure we would see alot more elite level fighters out there.

I have trained MT, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Judo, BJJ, MMA and Freestyle-Greco Roman and I would say that the most exhaustive training was the wrestling as my coaches are European and Olympian competitors.

I have only fought MMA, competed in Greco-Roman, Fresstyle and sub wrestling and I would say that MMA competition is alot harder.

Just my thoughts.

Kym Robinson