Boxing trainers in and around Tampa, Fla...

I have been teaching kids class for a while now at the gym and I have a 6 year old who I made an age exception for because of his focus, talent level, and work ethic. He and his parents will be moving to Tampa later this month and asked me if I could help them to find a school or a coach who would continue with him. I will vouch that he, for his age, is a hard worker and a coaches dream. I would say that if he stays dedicated and has the right coach that he may be a future world champion. Anyway, I want someone good because I care about this kid and would like him to do well. So..... Underground? whaddya say?

please help ttt

Shit man, I don't know about a 6 year old, but I know Jeff Lacy and Jermain Taylor both used to do training camps in Tampa, I can picture the gym in my head but can't remember the trainer's name. Jeff something...someone has to know.

Anyway, point is there has to be good coaching in the area, it's just a matter of finding it. Good luck.

come on.... the power of the UG is great. send me some knowledge guys!

I don't know any boxing gyms in Tampa, but here's some picked up by searching good fighters from florida:

Dan Birmingham, trainer of Winky Wright, Jeff Lacy and Chad Dawson is in the area too (St Petersburg):

If you know where the kid is going to be living exactly you could call up these gyms and see if there is another good gym or too closer by if they are too far.

ttt thanks for the info