boxing vs mma arguments thread

Anybody have any good stories about watching MMA with a straight up
boxer? This f'n mother kept shaking his head complaining about the
footwork and striking. I try to explain to him that both are totally
different sports, but some fighters choose to focus more on their
striking than others. Stop pretending that you're watching boxing.

I sense a lot of arrogance among boxers when compared to mma
fighters, so it's virtually impossible to get through to them. Like talking
about religion! The thing is, what they're showing as confidence in
their skills is a lack of confidence when they talk down about MMA.
There's something about punching a guy in the head for 12 rounds
that's become a historical tradition that they consider true fighting.
Everything else is like animals fighting. No technique whatsoever in
mma according to them.

I did mention to him that all boxers are basically doing the same
movements and it actually made him think a little. You can write down
every punch, counter and defensive movement down on a sheet of
paper. It's just the level of "athleticism", speed, power and natural
talent that decides who's the better boxer and can throw a better jab or
power punch, etc.

MMA has no basic manual. So many things to work on to be something
near a complete fighter. Somebody like GSP.

Telling him that MMA techniques evolve every day while boxing is a
traditional sport that's techniques are passed on by each punch drunk
generation made him think and it's the first time I shut a boxer up.

TTT to our evolving sport. P.S. If this thread bombs, I will post the MMA
egg fighter pic.

Thanks for the post. I got that athleticism line from my college boxing
coach: Learn your basics and the guy in better shape will win. Applying it
to pro boxing was lame on my part.

I come here to get reality checks on what I think I know. Teach me and
convert my Halleluya!