Boxing: WBC done, new abc body


WBC to be dissolved?

By Karl Freitag and Andre Courtemanche

UPDATE: The WBC will soon hold an official meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, where José Sulaiman will address the situation and basically announce the creation of a new governing body. The powerful EBU (European Boxing Union) will support Sulaiman.

The WBC may soon be no more. Word is the sanctioning body is on the verge of collapse under the burden of the $30+ million judgement won by former light heavyweight champion Graciano Rocchigianni that forced the Mexico City-based organization into bankruptcy. It is expected that WBC President Jose Sulaiman will try to launch a new sanctioning organization, but according to sources, if that is the case, perhaps less then half of the WBC's member organizations will follow. "The WBC is no longer alive," a reliable source told "Jose Sulaiman has maybe the support of 30% of the people. I understand he has the support of the OBBF...the key organization that is not going to follow him is the NABF." Ironically, the NABF convention is scheduled for Mexico later this month. Another source told Fightnews that it will be another day or two before any decision becomes official. It is not known what will happen to the WBC's champions at this point, but it is hard to imagine a world without the famous green belt.

LOL since the heavyweight champ is a white dude i wont be shocked if they ban boxing.

WBC going down??? Isn't that the most prestigious belt? Strange days.