Tony I know that you are very good in boxing(of course in many other things to:)) But what you think on boxing without gloves? I mean for real in the street when it goes for real. you could easly breake hands when you hit something hard or hands are not in proper position (that happens on tarinings a lot when you are tired, new to punching, adrenalin ...)On your tapes I never seen any palm heels insted of fists. I tend toward boxing when it comes to reality so I want to know your opinon on this

Train hard, Stay safe

oops excuse me for my bad english, it's not my first language and I'm in hurry

Train hard, stay safe

Thanks man, I realy appreciate! That I'm afraid, because we practice a lot of boxing for "reality" to know what to axpect when hit for real, but we do to much like contest not Street fight, we try and carry gloves with padding on palm heels :)) for palm heels strike but is diffrent, thats why I ask!Could you please write some good drills for this kind of training?



It sounds like the tapes you have seen are some of Coach's earlier ones that lean heavily towrds boxing. The system is constantly evolving and the latest tapes in the library demonstrate the more recent evolutions of the system. I recommend the "Be Your Own Bodyguard" package and the "Close Quarter Form", the SPEAR package would also be a good choice. You will be introduced to the "Blender" and the use of palm strikes, face rakes, elbows and many other close quarter tools. Boxing still has it's place in training and in the street, just remember to develop you total tool box.

Eric Walker, PDR Coach

I just come from real exhaustioning box training, but this question pop on my mind all the time!
This face rakes and all this stuff is realy good and we try this in our boxing sesions( we don't realy box with the rules but put everything around boxing, that's true)and the problem is that in trainings I remember to do this stuff but when the heat comes in I forget all.What about fine motor skills which with adrenaline dump goes right out the window.
I know that your system is evolving i look often on Tony's homepage.