Boxing's Best-Jack Johnson

Boxing's Best - Jack Johnson: Jack Johnson was a famous black American heavyweight boxer who was born in Galveston, Texas on March 31, 1878. Johnson was a fighter with great speed, strength, and tremendous style. Nobody could compare to his picking punches, blocking, and his tremendous counter punching. He was the first black American boxer to win the heavyweight title (Lincoln Library, 28). During his thirty years of boxing, he fought one-hundred and thirteen bouts. He won seventy-eight of his bouts and lost thirty-five. He had forty-four knockouts and thirty-four were won by decision (Jet, 1). Jack Johnson was a leader of the African-American community, but was looked down upon by many white citizens (Lincoln Library, 28).

He set black people back years, was widely disliked among blacks during his own time, and because of him there wasn't even another African American challenger till the awesomeness of joe Louis could not be denied. Although he was a good boxer he did not do any help for his people Phone Post