This may sound extreme to some, but lets face the
Brazilians who put on events are in it solely to get
your money.
You will pay the entry fee and get a tshirt then get
to stand in line for 5-9 hrs to weigh in, UNLESS YOUR

So then after you've paid someone a hunderd or so
dollars, you will get fucked over by the brazilian


just go and buy the stupid t-shirt for $20 bucks and
be done. Although I wont give Those fucks a penny for
All I have is my middle finger-FUCK YOU! Brazilian
Scam artists, Carlinos Gracie only takes cash at the
pan am's and flies back to brazil with it.

So its basically unamerican imo, to support one of
these events.

The Gracie Arnold's are another prime example.
JOHN COOPER is a fat piece of shit who is going to
sleep if I ever see him again, he tried to have me
kicked out of the event for questioning him about not
letting a 190 girl fight in the womans open.
He first would not let her fight in the junior div.
the girl is 16. So she entered the adult women open
She just runs through the first girl. So the coaches
from the other adult womens team complain the she is
to big and they want her out.

So JOHN COOPER shakes his head and say to me you "You
see my head? thats all I have to say" So being
somewhat anoyed at his arrogance I said" Yeah man I
see your head shaking but your mouth isnt explaining
to me whats up?" then he said thats it I want you out.
I said whatever man and walked away.


breath my friend, just breath.........

Well, if all that is true, then that's some fucked up shit.

TTT, cold hard truth

Brazilian politics is one of the many reasons I chose to open a pure no-gi school.

But THONGS Eddie?, that a bit much.


any plan to open another school in long beach area?


Was it Kizma? SPROUT

racists lol ;)

yeah lets all generalize!!
brazilian politics, you say?
how about american politics? your great george bush and his whole "free iraq" cover-up for getting oil money?

don't hate. just because you will NEVER be at the same level as us, you don't need to criticize... go practice another 100 years and come back to compete with us, because that's how far ahead we are.

not taking sides or anything but

"just because you will NEVER be at teh same level as us"

doing alittle generalization yourself?

I think you should consider a court case regarding the fat girl. I really don't like to hear that the Brazilians go to the front of the line because they are from the same race. I don't see the same thing happening when NAGA puts on an event. I feel a sense of gratitude for the skills I've learned from Brazilians, but I don't like the discrimination at the tourneys.

**puts on surprised face**

At the YNGWIE MALMSTEEN show in Porte Alegre, Brazil a minor riot ensued cause of what
Yngwie did on stage. Ex-DREAM THEATER keyboardist and the only current american in Yngwies
touring band explains what happened at the show.
"First of all, I would like to preface this letter by saying that I am not a fan
of one using their musical status to promote religious or political beliefs. I
am also not one to post on message boards, but something happened to
me on stage last night that I feel compelled to write this letter.
What happened at last nights gig in Porte Allegre, Brazil was shocking.
Midway through the set, YNGWIE finished his guitar solo spot with the
Star Spangled Banner. The crowd of about 1,500 people started
immediately booing very loudly, and throwing sh.t on stage.
To see the Anti-American rallies on CNN is bad enough, but to be in the
middle of one is scary beyond words.
So after YNGWIEs solo we had about 5 more songs to play. All of my
spirit was gone. I finished the set disgusted, and without looking at the
crowd for the rest of the show.
After the final song, the band went to the dressing room. I told YNGWIE,
I refuse to go out for the encore under any circumstances, F.CK THESE
YNGWIE went back on stage by himself and played the Star Spangled
Banner again to a choir of loud boos. He then said on the microphone,
God Bless America, and F.CK YOU ALL and walked off stage.
The crowd went into a riot and started throwing sh.t on stage. We
immediately were rushed back to our hotel. I have no idea of the status of
our gear. I want to thank YNGWIE for taking my back, and for standing up for the
USA. To the people in Porte Allegre, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I
dont give a fuck if I ever play your peasant infested third world city again.
"God bless America, Derek Sherinian"


At least your afforded the right to make money in
AMERICA, why not do it fairly.

LOL at criticizing America but coming here and making
a living off of Americans.

About never being at the same level, you are correct,
it's not possible to go that low. "


Yeah it was Kizma.

I never even knew the girl. she was a friend of some
of our friends and I heard the whole deal so I stepped
in to ask for simple explaination, when JOHN
COOOPER'S arrogant fat ass started in and tried having
me throw out.

jaydub, who said i went to america and made a living off of americans? just cause i know how to speak english? i'm in brazil, my friend. here we all learn different languages and stuff. we don't think that the US is the only country in the world.

what does george bush have to do with it? eddie bravo just stated that he has something against brazilian politics, that's what.

100 yrs huh?

BJ Penn? Dean Lister? Matt Serra ? Javi Vasquez? Todd Margoulis? Dave Terrell? Ryron and Renner Gracie?
Dave Cammarillo? Cameron Earle?

And we havent even been at it for 10 Yrs yet. Thanks for the Sport, we will take it from here.

Submitplease is correct.

mauriciolopes -- Eddie's talking about politics in the jiu-jitsu world, not global politics.

I can't believe there's anyone not appalled by what went on this weekend - it's really horrible. It sucks for the people who were treated unfairly, and it sucks for the Brazilians that they end up being stereotyped. I would hope that in future events an effort is made to rectify these problems and prove that Brazilians are not biased.

Until then, I agree that people should not attend these events or compete in them - do not reward this type of behavior.

"100 yrs huh?
BJ Penn? Dean Lister? Matt Serra ? Javi Vasquez? Todd Margoulis? Dave Terrell? Ryron and Renner Gracie? Dave Cammarillo? Cameron Earle?

And we havent even been at it for 10 Yrs yet. Thanks for the Sport, we will take it from here."

GREAT POST!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! I love how all these people jeer America, it is like the fat women picking on the beauty contestants... Deep down, they are just jealous.