Boycott the UFC

I know there are other threads on this but I figured that one more wouldn't hurt the cause.

I have been a huge supporter of the UFC since the beginning. I either order every UFC or go to a bar and spend a bunch of money on drinks where it is playing.

I dont know how anyone can support an organization that treats their employees like this. This is just a really good example of why we need companies like Affliction like this.

All of my buddies are big UFC fans as well and I am gonna push to try and get everyone I know not to order another UFC or watch their episodes on Spike.


you are such a dipshit.

You're on your own.

good thread...dowload it 2 or 3 hours after like the rest of us

No thanks!

Why wouldn't Fitch sign? He would have agreed to sign a ten year deal which is longer than his career will last

jkd4200 - you are such a dipshit.

Okay sheep...just keep drinking the cool aide