Brad Pickett on UFC 189 The Scar hasn't healed yet

Brad Pickett reflects on his loss at UFC 189

Slurring his words quite badly here.

Dude I was heartbroken for him watching the "Thrill and the Agony" special on 189. The pep talk Dana tried to give him post fight, man it's rough. Nothing u can say to a man at that moment. Phone Post 3.0

Love that guy. My heart hurts. Phone Post 3.0

Met him today at the Glasgow weighs ins. He couldn't have been nicer, stood for half an hour taking pictures and signing autographs. Top man! Phone Post 3.0

Love Brad, kinda want to see him retire but either way I'll always support him. Phone Post 3.0

He was doing so well in that fight. Wish he stopped going for takedowns after he connected with good shots. Big fan since cage rage. Phone Post 3.0

Brad Pickett is a great fighter