Bradenton Head Chumpion

Mr. Head really screwed over your friend Paul Ellis by call the fighters that was on his fight card and telling them the fights were off. Just because he left your school doesn't mean you have to attack him. Pauls a great guy....and you sir are a compulsive lying scrub!!!

Its the Bradenton Champions Owner....Who is also an ISKA official.....Basically he screwed over his ex head instructor and Kick boxing legend Paul "Flashfoot" Ellis because he left his school after an argument over control of the show Mr. Ellis was trying to throw....The Owner of Bradenton Champions was rumored to use his ISKA pull to shut down his fights if he didn't have control and didn't use all champion fighters. So 3 days before the show..Ellis called the fighters who were on the card and told them to show for weigh-ins at a specific which time Ellis got a text from a certain school in Ocala, which 6 fighters were coming from and informed Ellis that the owner of Champions Bradenton called and informed him that the show was canceled... and that his fighters found different fights as well separated themselves from their respective weights they were trying to make. So 6 fights were pulled and the show was canceled. Paul ellis is a great guy and a great instructor...and it is a low down dirty thing to do to someone who is making a living doing...someone one needs to keep an eye on this guy and his dirty tactics.