BRADON VERA on his victory dance & sex with wife

I ask Bradon Vera where his surfer victory dance originated from and how sex is with his wife!


she's hot but even Filet Mignon every night can get old (my view of relationships) Phone Post

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 with 3 or 4 more wins they should put him back on the main card...

ROFL, who is that guy interviewing, that you? I couldn't take you seriously the entire interview with that get up, but you had good questions and was pretty sharp. Good job.

Why did you ask about sex with his wife?

Odd. Phone Post

Vinnie the chin vs. Ariel Helwani

 another stupid character...

 That was acually pretty good...

Thanks Vinny

Whe did Lupo start doing interviews?

 I kick Ariel hewanis ass guy!

you aint no fookin Zach Ryder bro

haha At first I was like, "Wtf??" but then I lol'd. :) Phone Post


Later Phone Post

VinnyTheFreakinChin -  I kick Ariel hewanis ass guy!

Hahahahahahahhagahagahahahahahaha Phone Post

moar interview vids?

is that only one you got?

Thanks Harlem