special, last call

I've been running this special through November and December, and even though Christmas has come and gone, there's still a couple days to get in on this deal:

I can do a custom portrait of your favorite fighters, loved ones, pets, celebrities, you name it. Portraits of Grandparents make great family gifts. Everyone loves a portrait of their kids.

Through the end of the year I'll take $10 off each original portrait.

In addition, you will get a free print of one of my works autographed by the fighter with the purchase of an original. Choices include Dan Henderson, Matt Lindland, Evan Tanner, Elvis Sinosic, Bas Rutten, BANG Ludwig and Dean Lister

email me at to order

here's an assortment of some of my work:

Sublime's Brad Nowell (ball point pen):

Puppy (pastel)

Laurel (acrylic)


The Mighty Sea Bass (pastel):

3 children (charcoal):

Grandpa (charcoal and pastel)

and finally, some fighters:

Kevin Randleman, melted crayon:

Evan Tanner (pastel):

Nathan Marquardt (ball point pen)

Hey I know that puppy! Brad, great job with the pastel the wife loves it!

Just hit Brad's website to check out more awesome works, this guy is talented and his art makes a great gift....Joe

I'm partial to the painting we commissioned a couple of years ago for our instructor, Joe Pomfret

you are the fucking shit man.

im picking out a print to order right now

you do accept checks (that dont bounce) right?

duh, shit, i just read "money order"

ill just send one of those

yes I do. Haven't had one bounce yet, if that ever happens I may need to change my policy. But money orders are preferred, just because they're a tad bit safer. And they only cost like a quarter at convenience stores.

yeah, cool

im placing my order right now

2 prints will be 25 dollars including s+h right?

Brad does fantastic work. Hire him!

Here's the pic of our dog, Rambo, that I did for Christmas for the wife a year or two ago. She still loves it!


thanks for the backup, I appreciate the kind words from satisfied customers


can't say enough wonderful things about Brad. he's a true talent and he's a great guy.

buy a print, you will love his work!

nice work!


I've seen that Sakuraba one before...very nice. I wonder if he ever did any other MMA work? He definitely nailed the likeness, I mean you can tell who the painting is just by looking at one ear! ;)