special, last call


Please draw Team Potato members Ivan Salaverry and Travis Lutter in the triumphant moments of their wins in UFC 50.

Brad, post your drawing of Marcel Ferreira so my friend Rory Singer and his fans can get a glimpse of what they'll see on February 12 (relax, Frankiscool, Rory likes the shit-talking). Also, I'm sure the folks on this thread want to see PJoness in action, which I know you have. Finally, what about my courtroom shot????

hey brad, is the maynard sketch signed? lol

Marcel Ferreira

I'm going to need to change my page so it's more clear, I've had several people think that I have all of my artwork available as autographed prints. Actually there's a link to the list of auto'd prints but I guess not many people notice that so I'll try to make it more clear.

I asked you nicely Bradu. I don't plan on being so nice the next time I get ignored by you.

I am a very dangerous street fighter.

pjoness, I'll email you about the courtroom thing

Tater, Team Potato?

final 2 days for the special!

TTT for Brad