Brady group lawsuit wants ATF to classify Semi-Auto as Machineguns

They aren’t sending their brightest, it seems.

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sylvester stallone rambo GIF by Hollywood Suite

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So 9mm will be classified as a machine gun that makes complete sense!


So will 22LR semi auto pistols/rifles. lol

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Pretty soon we’ll be chasing each other down with sling shots and Bushkill Blades!

I know how to fix this, repeal the NFA!

While we’re at it, abolish the ATF.


Been saying it for years. The nfa and all congressional guncontrol laws are all unconstitutional. When i was a kid, i wanted to be an atf agent… i am glad i grew out of that. Fuck them.


Muh machine gunz!

Quickly went from “we’re not coming after your guns” to all this. Yeah. Fuck youZ


Yeah, come get 'em.

Brady group is 100% about money from donations

This is a attempt for them to stay relevant

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Im completely in favor of classifying them as machine guns.

Classify them as machine guns
They are clearly in common use
Firearms in common use are protected by the 2A
Machine guns are legal

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