bragging rights :)

Sorry, I am just being a happy coach. A student of ours, Richard Acosta, fought his first Muay Thai fight on Sat night and put up a picture of the result

1st round KO :)you can return to your regular reading now

Congrats to you & your boy...Could you send me the phone number of the girl/s keenly observing ringside? I'll play nice - I promise :)



AWESOME!!!! Tell your fighter congratulations from Q&A Kickboxing!

For anyone who cares, the referee is Khun Fred Fitzgerald.

Khun Kao

yeah, Vanderbilt event done by Lou Neglia. Opponent was "Dimitri Volk" from Tiger INternational. I had never heard of him but after the fight guys from Borodin's gym told me he was undefeatred and considered a good fighter?

I don't think Fred knows what to do with us kung-fu guys fighting Muay Thai :) He always asks "this is a Muay thai fight?" LOL

Khun Kao, when are you getting me that list for the Sept event


I plan on getting together a list for you "hopefully" this weekend. If not, the next weekend at the latest. As I said, I have two fighters who have already "pretty much" given me the definate go-ahead. There are about 2 or 3 others that are making up their minds.

One of my "definate's" ABSOLUTELY wants to fight San Shou, the other amateur Muay Thai. As soon as I get together a list of definates, I will send it to you.

You will hear from me Monday, July 16th at the absolute latest with the list.

Thanks a lot, I really, really look forward to participating in your event!!!

Khun Kao Charuad

Congratulations to Ikfmdc and Richard Acosta!!!

Who did he fight?

Congrats and good pic.