Brand New 30 ft circle w/ catwalk ready to go

We have a brand new 30 ft circle cage in the shop w/ diamond plated catwalk and skirt ready to go. Unfortunately the original buyer has chosen to leave it here expecting us to store it for well over a month and any attempts to fix this problem have been met with stall tactics. Thus, the cage has to go per policy.

Price on cage is $14,000.


30' cage frame w/ height adjustable support legs (swing up and lock into place for travel)
Cage Panels with 1" padding and 18oz vinyl covers
1" floor padding
18oz gray vinyl floor cover
2" thick corner pads w/ velcro straps (all black w/ 1 red and 1 blue)
2 doors opening inward only
Diamond plated catwalk with adjustable legs (swing up and lock into place for travel)
Velcro on ring skirt.
3/4" advantech style wood flooring (tongue and groove)
Lifetime welding warranty and requires NO BOLTS, complete drop in system w/ compression locking.

Basically this can go into a venue and you can have a show immediately.

If desired we can do camera stands and steps etc... after all it is still here in the shop, we can add whatever you like, logos etc... upcharge for this would apply but will be below normal cost. for email, will attempt to post pics

No allowing me to post pics, feel free to email and I will be more than happy to send pictures etc...



 Diamond plated!?

That seems a bit excessive...

A steal for only 14k though.  Are they conflict diamonds?

That's what was ordered. We also do wood with rubber coating, requires extra supports and ends up being just as heavy or very close to as heavy as the diamond plate, this one just has the diamond plate.

 I'll fix account to post. Not sure what is wrong, but apologies.


Kirik, when I click on html it jumps me back to the main page. It looks like it will allow me to post video but I don't have video haha.

Oh, Jason David Frank and his Jesus Didn't Tap gym is full decked out now with bag rack, cage and grappling area as well. He has those pics posted on his Facebook page.

Sorry guys, just have to do it this way, still having issues with html.


Thanks man, appreciate it!

damn, nice looking cage

    "To The Top Bitches"


Ttt for a great company

Appreciate it guys!

And I almost forgot...since someone has some Karo love...


Still up for grabs guys. First 14K walks away with a cage that would normally go for almost 10K than that.

nice cage

 yo dude im planning on opening a gym in the future and want to get a cage for sure

but i suck at handyman work

do you have anyone that can set the cage up for a fee?

wont be anytime soon, 1.5 year from now but I've always wondered about that.


yep, where at? isn't cheap but we can