Brandao has this one in the bag

I feel bad for Bermudez for real. Buddy has no idea aboot the beating no absolute shellacking he's gonna take at the concrete fists of Diego Brandao. Look for Brandao to put him away early.

Unfortunately I just don't like Brandao's chances here and think that him weathering the storm early and TKOing a gassed Brandao in round 2 just isn't in the cards for him tonight. Phone Post

I'm not sure about that.

Diego I think has cardio issues, if Diego is gonna win it will be in the first round by finish, and DB did get clipped by Akira and if Diego clips him he will swarm him.

If DB can avoid getting clipped, he can use his wrestling and grind Diego to a decision.

I think Diego wins vs finish early or DB wins by decision.

I dont think Diego has it in the bag like DB has no shot but I would favor Diego in this fight but I wouldnt be shocked if Diego gassed and DB won a decision.

Diego finishes him easily Phone Post

agreed with op