Brandon Carlson vs Sean Wilson 145

This fight is taking place Medina Ballroom - Medina MN. Sept 23rd - 8:00.

This should be a really great fight. It has the making of being fight of the night. I love watching 145lbers. I have seen both fight before. I have seen most of Brandons fights. I believe his record is 9-1 pro with a amutuer record of 1-2. He has knocked out most of his opponents. With knees, punches, and even knocked somebody out in there full gaurd. He is coming off a loss to Virgil S. out of Gilbert Grappling. He moved up in weight to get a fight.

Sean is coming off a great win that he fought for us in Des Moines a month ago. His record is 5-1 pro and 0-2 Amatuer. The fight ended in a knockout. His skills were pretty impressive. I heard that he had heart surgery or something like that (somebody correct me if they know) and has really came back strong.

In all I think this will end in a KO.

Not heart surgery....but Sean has plenty of it! Look for Sean to try and put Brandon's head in the sixth row. Both are tough and good guys! Best of luck.

Hey John - You going to make the trip North for this one? Hope so. Its going to be a really good card.

Just for the record....... I am going with Brandon on this one. 3:21 1st round KO. I have a hard time thinking it will last to second. They are both very strong with KO power. Somebody's going down!


Im cruising up with Sean, so of course Im betting on him. Wilson also happens to be a professional boxer BTW.

LET'S GET IT ON!!!! I can't wait!!!
Sean Wilson

"Im cruising up with Sean, so of course Im betting on him. Wilson also happens to be a professional boxer BTW." - Yeah he has great hands.

Hey V. Jay, Thanks for all your support down in Des Moines. It was great having you there. We will have to drink a few after the show in Medina. There is a great line up.

ttt for sean. go get em lil buddy.

oh yea, it wasnt heart surgery. I got in a bad car wreck almost 3 years ago and literally had a fence post go straight through my chest. and that is why i have that bad scar there. i am suppose to have another surgery to remove it in december so i want to fight as much as possible up until then because then i will be out for a while again. later

Sean - Count on fighting Oct.30th. for XKK in DM. We have a very good card lined up again.

I really think these guys no matter the outcome are going to be the guys to watch out for in the future. Sean seems pretty young and I know Brandon is around 23 so they have a really bright road ahead. It is to bad UFC doesn't recognize the excitement in the 145lbs weight class.

yea, i am already counting on fighting on the oct. 30th show. i have fights in sept. oct. and nov. then am going to relax for a little while. I had a baby in june and my girlfriend is getting pissed about me always training. I am looking forward to all 3 fights, especially the xkk. that was a fun night. talk to everyone soon.

Sean- email me or call so we can discuss you upcoming XKK fight.

ttt for Carlson and Wilson....have been following Brandon Carlson for awhile and hear great things about the guy. Good Luck to both for a great matchup.

Fearless Goat

Just seen Brandon and he is looking in good health and ready to get it on. Should be a great night at the fights. Who's coming up from Iowa?

Good luck Sean! Sounds like a good fight. The XKK was a fun night wasn't it?! Especially at the Lumberyard and the gathering at the hotel afterwords! ;)