Brandon Davis outraged by bones

In a sportscenter exclusive, Brandon Davis has labelled Jon jones actions as those of a coward.

He went in to say that you don't get a record of 34-0 by refusing fights.

Brandon Davis 34-0 has called out Jon jones for a fight in 3 weeks in toronto. Impressive after his bout with thiago silva just days ago.

Davis did however express that neither 'bones', Jackson or his entourage will be welcome at the after party that night back in Beverly hills. Phone Post

LilBrockonmychest -  Whos Brandon Davis?  Seriously.  I googled it and it seems like a TMZ guy or something.

Search for dodgy fake UFC twitter on here that will help you figure it out Phone Post

FinestScotch - I wouldn't want to talk about real fighting after getting smoked either


Have we had an argument? Sorry I just read posts not usernames. Point me in the right direction to offer my rebuttal. Phone Post


Brandon Davis is a bad mofo... I hope Thiago recovers from that KO. Was sickening to see him drop like that. As much as I hate Bones I would wish it upon no man to fight B.Davis... Dude is on another level. Phone Post

This will be an awesome paper view! Phone Post