Brandon Moreno vs. Maikel Perez

Looking forward to this tonight. UFC has shamefully abandoned the flyweight division and LFA is picking up some of the slack with this really good matchup. Moreno is an all-action fighter and Perez is a former Cuban Olympian fighting out of Kings MMA.

I've been seeing a billboard for this driving everyday. Are you seeing it live? 

Yea it's on AXS. The undercard is on now but I'm watching the NBA finals game instead.

Hell of a co-main event. Estrazulas was getting ripped with combos for the first couple minutes and looked like he was in bad shape, but then got the takedown->back->RNC in a span of 30 seconds.

Nice win for Moreno. First 2 rounds were competitive but he dropped Perez in the 3rd and then again in the 4th and finished the fight with GNP.

Kid belongs in the UFC.