Brandon Vera ‘Probably’ Not Cut From UFC

Long-time UFC fighter, Brandon Vera, still has a job fighting in the heavyweight division.  According to UFC President Dana White, “if he hasn’t been cut yet, he’s probably not getting cut.”

I think his showing against Shogun, even though he lost, maybe helped save him. He showed a lot of heart and determination. Hopefully he can turn things around, fix what needs to be fixed, and start winning again.

And was winning the Rothwell fight until Rothwell went trt mode. Phone Post

His best days are half a decade behind him.

Anyone legit wrecks him. Phone Post 3.0

In terms of money it might make sense curing fitch and Okami but the ufc is meant to be the best there is an there up there. Vera isn't! Phone Post 3.0

Well that blows. Phone Post 3.0

I'm still a fan.