Brandon Vera released from the UFC

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                                Brandon Vera released from the UFC

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Fighters face adversity at any given event due to the nature of their chosen endeavor, but in the case of calamity attached to Brandon Vera’s performance against Thiago Silva last weekend at UFC 125 there’s no doubting “The Truth” hurts. Vera, once viewed as being a double-divisional title-contender, was not only soundly beaten by his Brazilian adversary but also suffered a horrific broken nose in the process in addition to an embarrassing open-handed drumming from Silva reminiscent of Randy Couture spanking Tito Ortiz at UFC 44.

Were those things not enough, according to a source near the situation, Five Ounces of Pain has learned the lanky light heavyweight also received a pink-slip from the UFC as a result of the loss.

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 No shocker there.

Hope his beak heals well.
He is a great trainer, but I think Fight Time has passed.

Deserved to be released, great fighter nonetheless, bellator lhw tourney could use him Phone Post

 "Don't believe the hype, just believe what you see."

Man I"ve been so dissappointed with Vera.  I hope he gets some wins and comes back.  He started out awesome but then just fell flat almost suddenly.

Hopefully he uses this as motivation to get back to his winning ways.

Yeah, I expected this. Brandon needs a ground-up rebuild.

I've never seen a fighter's ability to fight so impacted by their mental side than Vera.

I really hope he can find it in himself to bring the monster out that was mercing fools at HW.

This might work out great for him. There's no doubt that Strikeforce or Dream will pick him up and put him back in the mix. IMHO, he's another guy that needs to fight to his potential, similar to Vitor Belfort. I wonder if he changes up his camp and heads back east more often.

Vera and Tito are cut from the same mental cloth.

Both bought into the hype and both tried to be something other than themselves and it ended up in terrible squander.

Poor decisions.

He's good enough to be in there, but there's something just not right. A few wins to build up some confidence elsewhere should be good for him.

It's no surprise he's been cut with three losses in a row, but they were to Couture, Jones and Silva. That's some top competition right there.

disbeliever - Not surprising at all. I have no idea what happened to him mentally. I do not believe he was overrated in terms of skill. He was over hyped for sure though.

His ground skills are great, as I have rolled with him. I have no idea where those skills were the other night.

I hope he can pull himself together

He has always had the same problem - a collection of great techniques but not enough experience to be able to use them to their best potential. He basically let Jardine mug him. Jardine knew how to get through a fight and make it work for him, Vera didn't.

Vera has enough skills to make it back. Having said that, getting released should save him tons of money on facial surgeries in the future.

Cutting him was justified in my opinion.

Cutting him was justified in my opinion.

He has never been the same since Big Tim stole his soul. He has not had the same confidence or will since then. Getting cut may be the best thing for him.

I hope an interviewer asks him why, when he was killing Thiago standing but getting taken down at will in the clinch, he chose to keep clinching at every opportunity.

If he would actually FIGHT when he gets in the octagon, he could beat a lot of top guys. But he seems more interested in being a grappling dummy/heavy bag.


FreakDaddy - He has never been the same since Big Tim stole his soul. He has not had the same confidence or will since then. Getting cut may be the best thing for him.

Sylvia created the template for beating Vera. With the exception of Jones, everyone else beat him with a smothering grinding attack. Vera always needed room to work and he never adjusted his game to deal with that kind of attack

Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call for him.