Brandon Vera seminar, VA BEACH

Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts

May 15, 2004
11:00 am

5476 VA Beach Blvd. Ste. 127
VA Beach, VA 23462

(757) 490-6906


6x Grappler's Quest Champion

2004 Brasil vs USA Absolute Champion

2003 & 2004 Pan American Champion- Super Heavy Weight Champion

2003 Abu Dhabi World Championship competitor

1997-2000 Olympic Resident Athlete- Greco Roman Wrestling ( ranked 4th in the USA)

He's giving a deal of $35.00
for his east coast people, HE'S COMING HOME TO SHARE THE LOVE!!!

I met Brandon in Brasil at ADCC. He showed some moves in the warm-up area that are very slick and unique. Baret hadn't even seen them. Go to the seminar and support Brandon. Aloha!

Brandon is awesome and for that price...a steal!!!


ttt for Brandon

Burton, Thank you for the kind words. Pls Tell Baret I said hello good to hear from you. Thanks Drew, look forward to seeing you again. Keep training hard.


If I was back east I'd be at your seminar. I'll tell Baret you said hello.

My brother will be in VA Beach for Breacher school.
I'll talk him into going.


TTT for Vera

Seriously if you are in the area you should attend./.....This man has serious skills Olympic level wrestler, ADCC level grappler and K1 level striker........He teaches me BJJ(along w/ Lister) and Muay Thai and I still invest money in privates he has so much to teach.............

Also If you attend ask him his take on white dragon kung'll get a laugh
TTT for one bad ass MOFO

ttt fo life

Yeah he is




I didn't know Vera was so credentialled???

Agreed to match him in Thailand last year but had to withdraw injured (back).

He would have kicked my naive arse!!!




When are you going to stop by Columbus, OH. It would be good to ahve you stop by and train at our school.

Regardless, TTT for BV!!!

Dustin Ware


ttt for Brandon Vera

As soon as i get back from pride w/Dean. Wer're gonna start setting
up seminars all over. So hopefully we can come there... email me


City Boxin,

I will be in touch!