Brandon Vera visit Soldiers at Fort Hood, TX


Just wanted to give props and recognition to Brandon Vera for taking a trip out to Fort Hood, Texas to visit with US Soldiers and families stationed there. I just saw this on Facebook. I have met Brandon 4 or 5 times since 2008 and he is really one of MMA's most awesome figures. He was awesome when he was drunk at the Shogun v. Hendo fight in San Jose as well haha!

As a Soldier, I just want to say thanks to Brandon for being an outspoken advocate for our nations service members. It truly means a lot to have people go out of their way to do kind things for us.

Thanks Brandon! You are a class act!

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Hell yes man! He posted this on his FB. He is a fantastic advocate for Soldiers and other service members as well. Ill always be a fan, win lose or draw! He said that this SOldier asked him to sign his prosthetic leg and he got choked up doing it. Class act.

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